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  1. Choose a lesson. You can practice phrases from the chapters of Na Lei Ha‘aheo or Na Kai ‘Ewalu.  New!  Aunty Penny's classes are on line too!
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This website is still being made. The written phrases are ahead of the spoken ones.  Not all the chapters are available yet.

If you notice errors such as odd characters in place of Hawaiian letters or buttons that don't work or layouts that seem screwy please Email Karen and tell her what's up.  Include what kind of computer, browser and operating system you are using. 

Also - if there is a mistake in spelling or translation or the spoken doesn't match the written, please, please email with the phrase that has problems! Mahalo nui loa!

About the website:  Karen Chun (with the help of Kalena Gouveia) put this website together to help her practice Hawaiian. (Kalenalua is a play on our names since we two are both Kalena/Karen)

Try also these other online resources such as The Kamehameha Schools Language Lesson which has video lessons and the UH website which has a great shockwave game to practice the vocabulary in Na Kai 'Ewalu.


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